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What spankees should expect at Spank Her 4 Real Videos

Those of us at SpankHer4Real are striving to put the Real back into spanking video clips.  We are connoisseurs of spanking clips too and know what we want to see when it comes to Domestic Discipline spanking clips.  If you would like to be a spankee in our video clips here are a few things to consider.

We are not looking for Professional models.  We are looking for spankees 18 and older who need and or want a spanking.  Our spankings are real so being able to act is not a requirement.  You won't have to act like it stings because it will.  You don't have to have a perfect body and have to be a certain age either.  Women of all ages and sizes get their bottoms spanked and that's what we want to show, real women.

What we are looking for in a spankee.  We are mostly interested in spankees who are in the lifestyle or fantasize about being in the lifestyle.  If you're a real submissive that's even better.  Our experience has shown us that if you've never been spanked before or don't understand the concept then it's just an uncomfortable experience for everyone.

We won't EVER show your face if you don't want us to.  We have found that part of the thrill for viewers watching and purchasing our clips is that in most of them we don't show the Spankee's face.  We've discovered that many viewers, both Spankers and Spankees, like to fantasize about doing the spanking or being the one spanked.  If there's no face shown then they can place themselves in the role.

Do we pay Spankees? Yes, we pay spankees but the price is determined by a few factors.  

What about limits?  Everyone has their limit when it comes to spanking and we respect that.  No one will be spanked beyond their limitation so bring your SAFE WORDS and let's have a spanking good time.

Our Contact info.   We are located in the Seattle area and you can email me at for more information if you live in the surrounding area or plan a visit in the future.

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