Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some reviews from viewers on SpankingTube.com

i love that ass and the spanking was great!

great spanking, he sure can put some arm into his swing!

Great spanking ass!


loved it, a good sized bottom to spank as well


GREAT video!!!!

Wow love that bottom!! I concur a belt needs to come next

Delightful bottom - would love to see it reddened with a hairbrush!

she was certainly wriggling by the end of that, good job sir.

Great job on both videos. Love to see more like them

please next belt ;) best vids

Love how realistic this is!

That was AWESOME !

Excellent! I think she may need the belt next time...

Wow he's a perfect dad-next-door spanker. Love his beefy look, superb technique, and low/authoritative voice. Would love to see more of him. Ever spank guys in an old fashioned father/son scenario?

Awesome clip. I liked the hand spanking but the brush at the end was even better. Bet this will teach her not to bring alcohol in the house again.

Great video, great hand spanking.

Monday, March 7, 2011

No Alcohol In The House

Having to move back home Rose finds out the hard way that Mom and Dad meant what they said. She could move back home as long as she obeyed the rules. If she was defiant or disobedient her punishment would be a good sound Spanking. In this first video she gets her bottom nicely reddened by a sound OTK from Dad and later a more sound Hairbrushing from Mom. The hidden cameras catch it all. 

This young lady gets a REAL spanking.
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