Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jules spends ALL day Bare Bottomed and Spanked!

Jules spends ALL day Bare Bottomed and Spanked!
Jules' first spanking from Ron was about the middle of March when she showed up very late for her job interview. She knew before the interview that she would have to accept getting spanked if her work wasn't at least adequate. She ended up getting spanked right after she accepted the job because she was so late for that first interview.
Part of her work agreement is that her spanking are filmed too. She's received a few more spankings since her interview but they didn't last long and Ron didn't think of filming them and then putting them together in a larger montage. Anyway, lately Jules has been buying the wrong items on Ron's list and he finally had enough. 
This time Jules walks in to work to find Ron waiting there to explain how her day is going to go. Bare from the waist down is how she's to be all day. Not to mention her day starts out with a good bare bottom spanking too. Then another and by the middle of the day another sound one. Before she leaves at the end of the day she's given the soundest spanking she won't be forgetting for awhile. Maybe she'll finally learn to get the right items the first time.

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