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Jenna's Project

Rose and her classmate, and close friend Jenna, failed a class project because Jenna procrastinated doing her part of the project. Jenna's been spanked many times before by Rose's dad and this time she goes across his lap for a good ol fashion, over the knee, bare bottom spanking. 

First dad uses his hand as he spanks over her pants, then panties and then bare bottom. Next she fetches the hair brush and dad finishes making her white bottom a very nice red. 

Implement(s): Hand, 
Position(s): OTK, Standing bent over
Time/Price: 9 min / $10.99
Purchase Clip: Clips4Sale or Spankinglibrary

Jenna's Medication

Jenna hasn't been taking her medication like she should be and as a result gets her bottom soundly spanked. She's spanked OTK with a hand spanking and later a belt and paddle too. This time she learns to take her medication because this spanking left her in tears. 

Implement(s): Hand, belt, paddle
Position(s): OTK, Standing bent over
Time/Price: 10 min / $11.99
Purchase Clip: Clips4Sale or Spankinglibrary


Jenna's Anger Issues Spanking

Jenna has been frequently getting angry more easily lately.  She's been dealing with issues that, instead of problem solving and looking for the best alternative, cause her to get angry and impatient.  She needed a good sound bare bottom spanking with a strong hand and a solid hairbrush.  She was spanked to tears and learned a good lesson.

Implement(s): Hand, Hairbrush,
Position(s): OTK, Kneeling on all fours
Time/Price: 11 min / $10.99
Purchase Clip: Clips4Sale

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