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What are naughty bottoms for?  They are for SPANKING! 
These are clips of real women getting their naughty bottoms bared and spanked because they've been naughty.  They are REAL women who submit to their spankings because they need a spanking. 
If you're a naughty female over the age of 18, need your bottom spanked and live in the Seattle area or want to visit us you can contact me at
Rose, is a 23 year old adult daughter and Ron makes sure that she obeys him as a daughter should or she gets her bottom bared and spanked soundly.
Ember, Rose's older sister gets her bottom spanked too.  She doesn't live at home like Rose does but she gets spanked just the same.
Taylor, is Ron's Naughty Neighbor and she has placed herself under his authority for both discipline and sexual training.
Jenna, met Rose in College and she visits Ron from time to time for Domestic Discipline purposes.  She gets her bottom spanked soundly for a variety of mis-deeds.
Jules, is Ron's assistant for the videos, paddles and furniture.  Her job is to assist Ron but also give customer assistance and ship product.  However, if she's late for work or doesn't do her job correctly she gets her naughty bottom spanked.
Holly, is Ron's wife's sister and she wanted to live in a poly relationship with Ron and her sister.  She gets spanked like all the other naughty women but her duties are to also serve Ron's sexual needs whenever he desires.
Wendy, discovered Ron through Spankingtube and drove across the country to be spanked soundly and serve him sexually.  She says she'll be back for more!
LeAnne, lives on the same block as Ron and her mother has given Ron permission to punish her as he sees fit.  She's 21 but lives at home and must accept Ron's authority or she has to move out.
Izzy, also saw Ron on Spankingtube and wanted to be punished for a variety of things that she felt guilty about.
Nichole, wanted to be punished and sexually serve an older man like Ron because all the young guys her age don't know what they want.
Angie, took the train from a neighboring state with the desire to serve Ron for a day.  She helped out around the yard and garage and was spanked throughout the day.  She also serviced Ron sexually whenever she was told to do so.

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